How does Betix work?

Sports have become one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, and that is why Betix are coming in to increase it even more...

Platform Roles

On Betix users can find themselves in different roles depending on what they are looking for: Publishers - Tipsters (Sport Enthusiasts) are individuals, creative brands or companies that come up with ideas of sport results/predictions. These ideas they can publish on Betix dApp (currently v1) with parameters like:
  • Title
  • Description of a prediction
  • Sport type (Tennis, Football, Basketball, Hockey, etc.)
  • Odds
  • 1-100 - How confident you are about the prediction?
  • Event start date
  • Prediction price
Once predictor has filled this information and submitted it on the blockchain, this prediction appears on the main page of the dApp - ONLY AFTER ADMINS HAVE REVIEWED IT!
Buyers (Sport Enthusiasts) are individuals that loves to put a real money on a sport events and that want to make legitimate money from their bets - that is why they come to Betix and choose the tipster from which they want to buy a prediction.
The buying process is very simple, you can see all tipster previous predictions and choose your faviourite one, once it's done, you just pay the requested amount and prediction will unlock on the dApp right away.
Keep in mind, all the predictions before publishing are reviewed by admins! So you can't buy some prediction that will not happen!

Quick workflow summary

  • Tipster places a prediction of some future event.
  • Bettors buys a prediction from choosen tipster.
  • Bettor places real money on this event on any bookmaker site.

Problem & Anti-Problem with Betix Decentralized Application

There are several reasons that fixed matches are being made, but the biggest reason is for gambling purposes or monetary gain by the parties involved. Bookmakers love to make money, and knowing the outcome of a certain match can increase the odds that they are going to win the bet. It’s usually hard for people in the gambling industry to get an entire team or franchise to play along with their scheme. Most of the time, certain players or coaches will be contacted.
Individual parties might be offered some sort of reward for helping to fix a match. They can be heavily influenced by powerful players in the sports gambling world. Most of the time, fixed matches deal with the sport of soccer as it seems to be one of the easiest sports to manipulate.
There are other reasons that matches might be fixed, and other sports can be affected just the same. In the United States, the term “tanking” has been used to describe professional franchises that are losing games in order to improve their draft pick opportunity. While “tanking” isn’t as severe as what is going on in the soccer world, it could easily be described as match fixing. Usually, this type of scenario is not necessarily tied to the sports betting world. However, bettors can take advantage of teams who would benefit from losing games.
Betix is totally unregulated platform, and anyone can publish their predictions anonymously.